Asclépia & Mimosa

Our inconditional love for fashion all began with our fascination for Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. On top of that, we are truly amazed by the histories, rises and falls hiding behind each designers who have brought iconic pieces of art to life.

Growing up, it always felt impossible to focus on quality over quantity while the fast-fashion is leading the industry and offering a quantity of products that you can't access by spending the same amount on luxury products. On the other side, it happened to all of us to spend those extra dollars on items that haven't survived trends, multiple washing processes or that we literally ended up never wearing.

At A&M, we strongly believe that quality never goes out of style ! While you enjoy quality products for way longer, you also make a great action for our planet. The main purpose of Asclépia & Mimosa is to help you find authenticated luxury designer that will last you a lifetime and provide you incredible deals all year long. A&M has been established in 2022 and is working in collaboration with well known and trusted distributors. From old to new collections, you’ll find various products made by your favorite luxury designers ! Shop a range of 100% authentic products selected with care and delivered right to your door.

There's infinite possibilities: If you didn’t find what you’ve been looking for, we’ve got you're back ! You only need to send us your request and we’ll take care of the rest.